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  • The eonian chimaera of the very you is the ever impeccable scenery I have fixed these irises upon.

  • I am being ghosted by a bogus predicament that looms out to be the headstrong spectre at the feast.

  • "Ego voco tu, Thanatos. Spiritus de mors! Thanatos, ego voco tu! Moon mouthed in undertones.

  • The night orb knows one nesting doll that's under lock and key.

  • My noddle is the lair of compact crotchet, cycling reveries and complexity.

  • With these eyes on your way is the sense of wonder that devours my lucidity. And when fortune swifts yours my direction, I dive into a seraphic stupor just every time.

Friday, 27 March 2020


Posted by Moon Lei On 27 March No comments

Thursday, 26 March 2020

And Only You

Posted by Moon Lei On 26 March No comments

Summon an interference
 to pry a fraction of you
 within my dead hands
 into the whys and wherefores of a will 
nonresistant to lingering thoughts of you
And only you

Tuesday, 24 March 2020


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At  the zenith of doom

comes lucidity

the unspoken it echoes

comes zap of light

psychosynthesis ahoy    

You are both light and fire

(Drawn with fire)

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

You're a Puzzle

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By: Moon Lei
Theme: Laro

This is when a person finds enlightenment at the peak of his/her desperation.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Who is Moon Lei?

Posted by Moon Lei On 12 April 6 comments
She is an idealogue whose nous is atypical, her shoulder on the wheel, it is art she pushes to delineate with laces and stones, or silk and satin. What she knows of aestheticism is the utter offspring of her very mode.  Be that as it may, keeping abreast of her sundry conceptions is a tough row to hoe for they come in legions that ebb through the rumpus in her head. How does she halt the beautiful stampede from evanescing? The wind, she hushes. The walls, she brings forth. She, the Moon Flower, mostly scintillates upon the cheek of black quietude.

I know her. 
Those of her kind send her praises, while commoners do the outright opposite.

Moon Lei.
A blatant belligerent, I say not, but rather a tactical magus between the in-betweens,  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Basic Draping

Posted by Moon Lei On 06 April 3 comments
Draping is the art of fabric manipulation that allows the designer to gain full control of his preference and ideas  by positioning  pieces of garment  on a dress form. Pinning is used to secure the pleats, darts, and gathers.

Madame Gres was one of the leading designers who adapted the concept of Draping, which started in 3500 BC through the creative minds of Romans and Egyptians. 

Basic Draping

Cowl (Bias)


Slash and Gather

 Sports Collar

Peg Skirt

Gored Skirt

Love you!


Posted by Moon Lei On 06 April 2 comments
Sewn are riots of cylinder beads, come a hundred and one spangles. Spot on is the lucent that counterbalances the lackluster.  Tones of blue, green to complement red; colors run side by side into a tout ensemble of arches, spirals, and random shapes.

Featuring the work of Salvacion Lim Higgins (SLIM)
Photo credit: SLIM Book


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