Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Head to where you belong

      You are emotionally unavailable,
 either because
you are only playing around
you are trying to heal 
from an open wound. 

I am tired of games.
Players must go for good.
My door will stay ajar
for the broken ones
who seek real companionship


Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Dream of Connection

Do some of you feel an aching void within that is solely to be replenished with the truest sort of connection ? I do.

Making love is already depleting its outright value. It is a shame that bodies communicate empty messages and interchange soiled energies. Insignificant carnal contact is becoming the lone parent of fleeting bonds. Can one not act on his sexual thirst, not until passion registers?

Flesh to flesh is now the twisted interpretation of connection. The greater number of today's people are responsive to stark lust and the genital is the primary rootage of libido. Has anyone ever felt an emotionally-driven sensuality?

A rare form of intertwinement is the magnetic polarity between two kindred spirits. Sheer intimacy takes part when a soul perpetually draws itself to its only mate; it is nonverbal, nonphysical.

I unceasingly sense a piercing cavity within that is just to be filled with a cosmic attachment of type. Love, alone, is my stimulant. How about you?


Friday, 7 August 2020

Darkling Awhile

Darkness isn't always associated with evil. The common idea of it, conveys a negative ground. Look further. Thus, it can be a metaphor for secrecy, introversion, detachment, or simply a dormant state.

You succumb to isolation, since you disallow a word from another mouth, for your mind is in a continuous war against your own wordy soul. All, you shut, each aspect perceivable by the senses: the eyes, ears, and the heart of the heart. 

You obstruct light's intrusion because it lays you open to prejudice. Never mind its twin, beauty, it does not answer to your primary need. After all, your eyes' adjustabilty to lightlessness is a redeeming feature. 

Sweet darkling, take a long pause. Soon and again, you will battle, out in the sun. 

Monday, 15 June 2020

You, oceanic.

Sans flesh and visage,
Have had my fill of thy soul
Thrice a main, thou art!

I felt you and your oceanic soul.. 
and I haven't even touched you yet.

Written in June 6, 2020

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Us, Two.

Wreathe. Me, you. Us, two.
I, eventide. You, dayspring.
Twine. Weave. Soul to soul.

We made love, not with our bodies,
but with our thoughts and emotions.

I miss how we were.


June 15, 2020
9:57 PM


Saturday, 30 May 2020


Tis for my soul, alone, to scent out yours, with no holds barred. Is it within the warmth amidst your bosom, on which I covet a noseful of? If I ensconced myself atop it and gave ear to your heartbeats' cradlesong, would your quintessence e'er cometh?

May the quest not come to naught, says dubiety, my sunless daimon. I have to see eye to eye with its derision. Now and again, this shall subsist on my mind only, bittered, and hampered. Oh cherubs, illume welkin! Confess up till when? How do I bring to pass this diurnal reverie?


Saturday, 9 May 2020


How do I indulge myself 
with bliss in a form of you? 
Your lips, let them part ways.
 They are as one seraphic encounter. 
May I breathe in your breath? 

How do I feast on
something I cannot partake?
 Your cheek, I catch the scent of,
 it is as a midnight zephyr.
 May I sail my tongue on it? 

My voicelessness, in your ear, 
 frees an amorous word.


1:45 AM
MAY 9, 2010


Friday, 1 May 2020



I am sorry.

There is a thing or two about you that cannot be compassed by strangers, including me. It might be over much to ask of you to unfold the wellspring of your demeanour, so yes, I am suspending the idea, instantaneously.

Pardon me, I had spoken ill.

Some words are only said with the intent to counterattack. That, for a better grasp, is an acquired instinct of an unhealed person, as though every moment is a breaking point. You may not be considerate of my grounds but make room for a hearty discernment, I plead.

It took me two thousand and twenty years to finally come across you. Although  virtually, our intercommunication was stark felicity. Miles were nonexistent. I felt you close. God knew how I loved  however your intensity was.

I will hold on to your thoughts evermore, with or without your presence. I miss the scolds, sweet nothings,  the kinks, the giggles, and even the fights; I take all in. Can we diminish incompatibility with adjustability? Can we take this to a lower level just so to keep one another for good and all? Spare a little care?



9:34 PM
April 30, 2020