Friday, 27 November 2020


To evanesce


Is to forestall

My own doom

For loathing faints

My being into


Thence I state 

I hate you


To Marius Justin

12:49 AM

Nov. 28, 2020


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Sunday, 15 November 2020


liboy ng silakbo, hulog, ahon.

balnian, tugma ay sa awanggan. 

bigkas ng sakwil, "dagsin, hinahon."

igiit, isamo, di naringgan.

diin nitong layon ay ikabig

sa isa't-isa ay humimbing.

kundiman ang tangis ng alunig,

dantay ng amihan, isang lambing.

himaton ay ga-laksa, gahala

na yakap ng karimlan, di tahas.

'kaw, 'ko, kulimlim ng sinagtala,

nilay ay pag-alpas at magwakas.

         muhi sa iginuhit ng tinta,

         muhi sa itinangging pagsinta.

8:26 PM
November 15, 2020
To Marius Justin


Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Head to where you belong

      You are emotionally unavailable,
 either because
you are only playing around
you are trying to heal 
from an open wound. 

I am tired of games.
Players must go for good.
My door will stay ajar
for the broken ones
who seek real companionship


Friday, 21 August 2020

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Dream of Connection

Do some of you feel an aching void within that is solely to be replenished with the truest sort of connection ? I do.

Making love is already depleting its outright value. It is a shame that bodies communicate empty messages and interchange soiled energies. Insignificant carnal contact is becoming the lone parent of fleeting bonds. Can one not act on his sexual thirst, not until passion registers?

Flesh to flesh is now the twisted interpretation of connection. The greater number of today's people are responsive to stark lust and the genital is the primary rootage of libido. Has anyone ever felt an emotionally-driven sensuality?

A rare form of intertwinement is the magnetic polarity between two kindred spirits. Sheer intimacy takes part when a soul perpetually draws itself to its only mate; it is nonverbal, nonphysical.

I unceasingly sense a piercing cavity within that is just to be filled with a cosmic attachment of type. Love, alone, is my stimulant. How about you?


Friday, 7 August 2020

Darkling Awhile

Darkness isn't always associated with evil. The common idea of it, conveys a negative ground. Look further. Thus, it can be a metaphor for secrecy, introversion, detachment, or simply a dormant state.

You succumb to isolation, since you disallow a word from another mouth, for your mind is in a continuous war against your own wordy soul. All, you shut, each aspect perceivable by the senses: the eyes, ears, and the heart of the heart. 

You obstruct light's intrusion because it lays you open to prejudice. Never mind its twin, beauty, it does not answer to your primary need. After all, your eyes' adjustabilty to lightlessness is a redeeming feature. 

Sweet darkling, take a long pause. Soon and again, you will battle, out in the sun. 

Monday, 15 June 2020

You, oceanic.

Sans flesh and visage,
Have had my fill of thy soul
Thrice a main, thou art!

I felt you and your oceanic soul.. 
and I haven't even touched you yet.

Written in June 6, 2020