Thursday, 13 September 2012

Not Leilani

An entity springs in some terra incoginta situated on the core of the very tabula rasa. Has the earmarks of a budding seed, but this one still has not yet concluded itself. The question is both what's what and who's who. Zeal gives birth to another bubbling gizmo, and the begetter is incognizant of the whole picture.

The offspring makes fixation the rootage of its nous, to say so. Consequently, the origin is a fabrication of diversified redundancy. Its mentations are derived from the reccurence of monochromatic will-'o-the-wisp. It speaks of precise phantasm gorged with tamed obsession, though, so lay aside your willies.

Mark the being, "Not Leilani".



  1. about time, lei. the last time you tried explaining this to me, my nose started to bleed.

  2. curiously interesting... :-)

  3. Hi love,

    Great post!!!

    you have a super blog here.

    we can follow each other if you want!

    Happy Sunday!