Tuesday, 4 September 2012

You Doomed my Fancies

This cosmic dust, lightyears apart, perceived the actuality of that one stellar being concealed in white gold. What chant could possibly gobble gaps far and wide? Was there perchance that a ray of light could cut spaces short? If black holes were Gods, I'd plead them to keep these two, together, in the haven of quietude evermore.

But why on impulse a supernova of some sort aimed for my virtual cosmos? The moribund entity headed West. Henceforth, I could only discern the nothingness in all things. Melancholia, there, took its territory underneath my iced orbs. Tourmalines commenced to elude the tip of my lashes. One, two...  Unnumbered.

You doomed my fancies.



  1. im so doomed...and i'm feeling low.

  2. It's just like eating wasabi.. though it hurts in the head.. you still eat.. and you even increase the amount to make it hurt even more..haha I love it. Cheer up Jei.I love you.