Thursday, 1 November 2012

the damned hankerer

"Ego voco tu, Thanatos. Spiritus de mors! Thanatos, ego voco tu! Moon mouthed in undertones."

The manner of her utterance was an allegory of a well-fed derangement. Her tenacity was a stalwart
 nut to crack. The irises of her eyes placed inferno on view. As anticipated, a violet fume snuck out the 
gates of her orbs and by degrees twas forming the contours of a daimon.

"You summoned, damned hankerer? I must be paid with your service for all eternity!" 
the spirit of death syllabized. 

"Then it must be done, my Lord." Moon retorted.

She knew this before hand. Fright could not be trailed within her presence for there was none,
 to the hilt. Her fortitude was  on the pinnacle of her pursuit. 

She put into words, "Grant his life back, in exchange of my soul. I love him. I love  him. 
I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him!!!!" 

"A fool, you are!" Thanatos exclaimed.

ALTERNATE TITLE: The Extent of Obsession

Happy Halloween!


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