Thursday, 7 January 2016

You, Something Else

When I cracked your writings, I felt the existence of a man between the lines. I chanced upon his footsteps. I was brought to an ancient murk. Glittery, he was, in the dark. I saw his actuality in the raw. I crossed the line when I sunk into your eyes to find the true being, neither hide nor hair. Caught it resembling a top fidgeting on all sides. Did I affright it away?

For a couple of years, I quested for that someone I met in your songs; the subtlest you, so delicate and abstruse. I was in search of him within you, the mounting crooner, akin to an ocean. I have seen your coast though, but it was nothing like your chasm that was said to be out of bounds. Was it just my own reflection, there on your water? Was it my own abyss, I dove into? I did fall prey to deception. Nevertheless, I was happy because somehow I knew you were a counterpart; a familiar.

I believe I already came across the other you behind your eyes. He was shy; very much so. I like to name him something else.

09/09/2014 07:53


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