Sunday, 14 February 2016


They were separately enclosed in dissimilar globes. Impenetrable. Only that red-letter instance laid them the chance to barge into some dimension secluded from mundanity. No words were freed and gestures were tamed behind their arms. Even so, there was a reciprocating agreement they both adhered to.

 She saw him on the verge of retrieving his life back and her presence was never necessary. Who knew if it would be worse or surprisingly the other way around if she was to coexist? Her self-righteousness was then the sole trait she could count on surely, so she lit up her place.

 "I must stay back."
She advised herself.

 He thought it was perhaps alright to look. Not until a heavy revelation dropped on his nape; she, too, was labelled. Overtly, his eyes betrayed him by displaying his demising heart. As it was foretold by the sky, he picked up his philosophy to polish.

 "Stay away from her." He ordered himself.

The encounter served them seconds of paradise. A familiar love was there, either the kind that was scribbled on The Maker's book or an ancient one meant to be reignited. History was brought to light when a torn soul had redeemed its other half. Imponderable. The frame they were into had phenomenal attributes parallel to complementing affection, interconnecting poles; those all were chosen to be ignored for best reasons.

 Was that just it?



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