Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Us

There was eloquence in his disguise. Raw sentiment, his shifty eyes veiled. Pretense colonized him part by part. He knew she was the best half of his pith and all underneath. He put up a show of not turning a hair, not even at once though in-depth were his heartbeats. His supposed ardour was sullied by a lie.

"Bullshit." He told himself.

The counterfeit implication put her nose out of joint. Already, she inhabited him at her very first glance. It was never an intrusion for her walls voluntarily collapsed. It was regarded as play of traitorship. The happenstance was by morality a big do-not but it came off, regardless, because she had a home in him.

"Cruel." She thought to herself.

Two culprits wore alike shoes. Some time before, there was, or soon on the tip of forever, there would be... an us to them  -THE US.



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