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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Moon Lei

Posted by Moon Lei On 28 March No comments

I am adorning myself with Grecian threads, gold gladiators and sheered laces. Who is set for an outfit war? I, the fashion Muse, have always some bangles to fire up. The streets are my runways and the public eye is my spectator. Considering the outside a battlefield, this mechanical chichi is always dressed to kill. I am invariably in vogue yet nonetheless not into grandiosity.  I am my own mannequin that conveys art through styling. Hep! Hold your horses, I bet you already got the picture. Pardon me for fancying overmuch. Truly this is the kind of thinking I developed for appreciating beauty in excess. So to say, we women, have the every right to make ourselves a total wow. And for screaming these lungs out, we love it when someone acknowledges our pulchritude, right? Sure is.

Shopping, for me, really is a stubborn fixation. Amassing shoes of all kinds is an irrepressible craze. Bags and accessories furore, hoorah! Boutiques, bazaars and even ukay-ukay’s are the day by day destinations of outfit hunters like me. “What’s the hippest of the hip?” is a constant question resonating in my ears. This is why I made the internet my alternate home, wherein posh advisories are smoking high and low. To shop is to hush the tigress that snarls for fashion chunks. Labels are only an occasional treats for the purring me, because really, on a regular day, I am mindful of the price tags. My top concern is the uniqueness of the item. Why spend a big buck for a designer bag when it has been imitated and blown to the four winds? Wake up.

Though this mind is generally framed with fashion, dancing to tunes of the prevailing trend is beyond the bounds of my preference. Certain duds only bash the limelight for the time being. Clothing apparels are interminably changing, it is like plunging into a river that leads to a waterfall. I am bored of today’s this and that. Simplicity with the touch of my signature mode leaves me pulsating in the up-to-the-minute cosmos. My advice is to count yourself out of the many. Being different should be taken into account at all costs. Tailing the direction of the faddish wind is just a wild goose chase. If you got style, then you are that quivering oil on water. Let me adore you!

Remember that the vivacity of your getup rests on your posture. A slight slouch can ravage the exquisiteness of a signature frock. Chin up, chest out, stomach in. Furthermore, confidence contributes grace to your looks. I say, a positive mind improves one’s behavioral traits. This will help you project a pleasant mien favorable to everyone. In truth, it is how you present yourself that really weighs. It is your manner that gives life to whatever you wear. Your appearance creates a consequential impression, so why not be all the rage? Dig out your guts! Now bite that lip, tap those cheeks too. Crack your shell and leave the cover side. Ahoy fashion hemisphere!

Starving for slices of modishness? Here, feast on some fashion must-knows.

  • A tight belt on the waist gives the curvy effect.

  • Scarves are not only for winter, oh come on! Ever heard of summer scarves? These garments are used for styling, get that right.

  • Stilettos make you sexier and taller. The extra-extra’s will give you the balls!
  • Sunglasses are timeless. Get one.
  • Ponytail your hair when wearing turtlenecks.
  • Dark colors slim down a heavy figure. Go black if you are huge in size.
  • Are you a Christmas tree? Limit your jewelries.
  • Blend at least three colors.

  • Mix up plains with prints.

  • Know Jackie-O. Please.
Tilt your hair up and knot a teensy-weensy scarf on your neck!

Love you!


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