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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Who is Moon Lei?

Posted by Moon Lei On 12 April 2 comments
She is an idealogue whose nous is atypical, her shoulder on the wheel, it is art she pushes to delineate with laces and stones, or silk and satin. What she knows of aestheticism is the utter offspring of her very mode.  Be that as it may, keeping abreast of her sundry conceptions is a tough row to hoe for they come in legions that ebb through the rumpus in her head. How does she halt the beautiful stampede from evanescing? The wind, she hushes. The walls, she brings forth. She, the Moon Flower, mostly scintillates upon the cheek of black quietude.

I know her. 
Those of her kind send her praises, while commoners do the outright opposite.

Leilani de Leon Santos is Moon Lei.
A blatant belligerent, I say not, but rather a tactical magus between the in-betweens,  


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