Monday, 30 March 2020

Questioning Love

I love you, I love you not. I love you, I love you not.The son of Venus played me for a fool. He addled my wits and caged my heart in my head, the soil bed where the seed of love fallacy first started to spring from its root and flowered into different buds of deception. I love you, I love you not. I was uncertain. I should not have felt that, to begin with.

My dreams were almost all about you. Each contained an overwhelming emotion that I have had perceived as love. And I did wake up feeling feebly in love with you. I broke the sentiments down into words. I penned my heart out. My heart? Or t'was only my mind?

You, me. It was the two of us in an imagined universe. I counted 24 moons of being in our cosmos, but really, you were never with me at all. I just drew a picture of you there resting your head on my lap. I was more than a fool.

What was it in your smile that threw me in the eye of a hurricane, in which,  the door way out was to ride on the spinning wind and be thrown hardly away. As much as I wanted not to be wounded I stayed in, for quite a long time.  I tucked my eyes in and let the gust seize me out, far away. It was a relief to have finally escaped from the clutch of my dreaminess.

I love you... I love you... I Love you? I guess I never did.

Written in March 1, 2009


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