Tuesday, 28 April 2020



An existent bewilders my mind but my soul has definite answers. There is a pendulum, I sit onto.

Carry On - Be Gone

Confusion is my cup of tea since it gingers life to my beingness. Skip negativing, my dear love. For moons have benumbed me, I raise a toast to perplexity. This soul opts to Carry On with confusion hauled along.

The pendulum swings on, still.
Faith - Misfaith

I settle on counting on your words, without regard for neither lies nor truths. Withal, must I assert, I long delighting solely in your abysmal heart. Above all else, it has already been willed to leave your authenticity unstained. Faith, dear love, I have faith in you.

Walls Up - Walls Down

This is a gamble. Cowardice may eclipse my judgment but it is never for the  mind to decide, when the cause of breakage is proudly by nature. Why so? The ticket in is already with you; a ticket called "Being Real". The more I identify flaw after flaw, breaches to bits or so, the more gravity draws me to you. At all costs, the tug declines the entry of frigid barricades. Yes, Walls Down. But slowly, love. Please, slowly.

The lever does not cease to dangle. It cuts my heart thrice as it cuts air from this day forward. There is misery in the waiting. I mind not, the uncertainty.


April 28, 2020
1:52 AM



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