Saturday, 25 April 2020

Peach: The forbidden Fruit

My Dear Peach,
You knew so, I was looking for you; that you in the noddle excluding the physicality. Cross out the malice, I was not longing to kiss but to rather gaze only, in all sincerity. I clung on the fancy of you staring back, the faceless you, at heart . But to each blockage there was, I paid my utmost respect. I made no room for the pursuit.
I discerned some presence that was not supposed to flag its being. I broke the back of the beast by fleeing. I could no longer rest my eyes on yours on account of serious discomfort. A coward, you may say I was, oh likewise you were, sweet toddie. Darn me, I did what I needed to. Darn you as well, you would have done the similar thing. It was a "good riddance" though; our saving grace.

Lost in you, 

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Confusion: Lost in You



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