Friday, 7 August 2020

Darkling Awhile

Darkness isn't always associated with evil. The common idea of it, conveys a negative ground. Look further. Thus, it can be a metaphor for secrecy, introversion, detachment, or simply a dormant state.

You succumb to isolation, since you disallow a word from another mouth, for your mind is in a continuous war against your own wordy soul. All, you shut, each aspect perceivable by the senses: the eyes, ears, and the heart of the heart. 

You obstruct light's intrusion because it lays you open to prejudice. Never mind its twin, beauty, it does not answer to your primary need. After all, your eyes' adjustabilty to lightlessness is a redeeming feature. 

Sweet darkling, take a long pause. Soon and again, you will battle, out in the sun. 


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