Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Dream of Connection

Do some of you feel an aching void within that is solely to be replenished with the truest sort of connection ? I do.

Making love is already depleting its outright value. It is a shame that bodies communicate empty messages and interchange soiled energies. Insignificant carnal contact is becoming the lone parent of fleeting bonds. Can one not act on his sexual thirst, not until passion registers?

Flesh to flesh is now the twisted interpretation of connection. The greater number of today's people are responsive to stark lust and the genital is the primary rootage of libido. Has anyone ever felt an emotionally-driven sensuality?

A rare form of intertwinement is the magnetic polarity between two kindred spirits. Sheer intimacy takes part when a soul perpetually draws itself to its only mate; it is nonverbal, nonphysical.

I unceasingly sense a piercing cavity within that is just to be filled with a cosmic attachment of type. Love, alone, is my stimulant. How about you?