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Monday, 8 October 2012

the solacing obscurity

He underwent such transubstantiation when innocence deserted him. Therefrom, his mind metamorphosed into a virtual battleground. Hence, he was the combatant in this pyramiding warfare that ran to and fro inside his head. The destinations were unfairly at random, either high to North or low Southwards. To wherever, he could not tell, for the tracks led to a dusky route.

He, himself, the vagabond onboard was ensnared by an innate nemesis. A day of survival foreshadowed the advent of various cognitive  journeys, along with a riot of ingenuities. His emotions were ancient wolves snarling out of fury. The state was repetitive, however, a simple spark could fabricate a saccharine diversion.

How exactly did this ill-starred battler endure the continuous fight? He dwelled in the murk, wherein he could clandestinely hibernate. Darkness granted him invisibility so he took it as a sanctuary. He boxed his subsistence in a walled hiatus; it impeded his imminent ruination. He made himself unseen and there obscurity solaced him.  Then on, he would always find himself  in quest of the gloom... and only the gloom.

Alternate Title: The Comfort of Darkness

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