Sunday, 14 June 2020

Us, Two.

Wreathe. Me, you. Us, two.
I, eventide. You, dayspring.
Twine. Weave. Soul to soul.

We made love, not with our bodies,
but with our thoughts and emotions.

I miss how we were.


June 15, 2020
9:57 PM


Saturday, 30 May 2020


Tis for my soul, alone, to scent out yours, with no holds barred. Is it within the warmth amidst your bosom, on which I covet a noseful of? If I ensconced myself atop it and gave ear to your heartbeats' cradlesong, would your quintessence e'er cometh?

May the quest not come to naught, says dubiety, my sunless daimon. I have to see eye to eye with its derision. Now and again, this shall subsist on my mind only, bittered, and hampered. Oh cherubs, illume welkin! Confess up till when? How do I bring to pass this diurnal reverie?


Saturday, 9 May 2020


How do I indulge myself 
with bliss in a form of you? 
Your lips, let them part ways.
 They are as one seraphic encounter. 
May I breathe in your breath? 

How do I feast on
something I cannot partake?
 Your cheek, I catch the scent of,
 it is as a midnight zephyr.
 May I sail my tongue on it? 

My voicelessness, in your ear, 
 frees an amorous word.


1:45 AM
MAY 9, 2010


Friday, 1 May 2020



I am sorry.

There is a thing or two about you that cannot be compassed by strangers, including me. It might be over much to ask of you to unfold the wellspring of your demeanour, so yes, I am suspending the idea, instantaneously.

Pardon me, I had spoken ill.

Some words are only said with the intent to counterattack. That, for a better grasp, is an acquired instinct of an unhealed person, as though every moment is a breaking point. You may not be considerate of my grounds but make room for a hearty discernment, I plead.

It took me two thousand and twenty years to finally come across you. Although  virtually, our intercommunication was stark felicity. Miles were nonexistent. I felt you close. God knew how I loved  however your intensity was.

I will hold on to your thoughts evermore, with or without your presence. I miss the scolds, sweet nothings,  the kinks, the giggles, and even the fights; I take all in. Can we diminish incompatibility with adjustability? Can we take this to a lower level just so to keep one another for good and all? Spare a little care?



9:34 PM
April 30, 2020


Tuesday, 28 April 2020



An existent bewilders my mind but my soul has definite answers. There is a pendulum, I sit onto.

Carry On - Be Gone

Confusion is my cup of tea since it gingers life to my beingness. Skip negativing, my dear love. For moons have benumbed me, I raise a toast to perplexity. This soul opts to Carry On with confusion hauled along.

The pendulum swings on, still.
Faith - Misfaith

I settle on counting on your words, without regard for neither lies nor truths. Withal, must I assert, I long delighting solely in your abysmal heart. Above all else, it has already been willed to leave your authenticity unstained. Faith, dear love, I have faith in you.

Walls Up - Walls Down

This is a gamble. Cowardice may eclipse my judgment but it is never for the  mind to decide, when the cause of breakage is proudly by nature. Why so? The ticket in is already with you; a ticket called "Being Real". The more I identify flaw after flaw, breaches to bits or so, the more gravity draws me to you. At all costs, the tug declines the entry of frigid barricades. Yes, Walls Down. But slowly, love. Please, slowly.

The lever does not cease to dangle. It cuts my heart thrice as it cuts air from this day forward. There is misery in the waiting. I mind not, the uncertainty.


April 28, 2020
1:52 AM


Monday, 27 April 2020

Confession: Waiting in the Wings

My sweet Peach,

I can present a clearer picture but this being must not breathe, to begin with. I am locking it up within me. I do not long to ascertain not even a fiber of it. Keeping a stiff upper lip is my ball and chain, the reason why you are a constant guest in my sleep.
I have construed my defiance over lure. I cannot say that I am in love with you. There is this "something", you see?
I believe in chances, in God's time. If in any way you have felt the same way, please toggle my beacon.

Waiting in the wings,    

Wattpad: theMoonLei 2015


Saturday, 25 April 2020

Peach: The forbidden Fruit

My Dear Peach,
You knew so, I was looking for you; that you in the noddle excluding the physicality. Cross out the malice, I was not longing to kiss but to rather gaze only, in all sincerity. I clung on the fancy of you staring back, the faceless you, at heart . But to each blockage there was, I paid my utmost respect. I made no room for the pursuit.
I discerned some presence that was not supposed to flag its being. I broke the back of the beast by fleeing. I could no longer rest my eyes on yours on account of serious discomfort. A coward, you may say I was, oh likewise you were, sweet toddie. Darn me, I did what I needed to. Darn you as well, you would have done the similar thing. It was a "good riddance" though; our saving grace.

Lost in you, 

Wattpad: theMoonLei
Confusion: Lost in You


The Culprits: It

They were separately enclosed in a dissimilar globe. Impenetrable.

Only that red-letter instance laid them the chance to barge into some dimension secluded from mundanity. No words were freed and gestures were tamed behind their arms. Even so, there was a reciprocating agreement they both adhered to.

She saw him on the verge of retrieving his life back and her presence was never necessary. Who knew if it would be worse or surprisingly the other way around if she was to coexist? Her self-righteousness was then the sole trait she could count on surely, so she lit up her place.

"I must stay back." She advised herself.

He thought it was perhaps alright to look. Not until a heavy revelation dropped on his nape; she, too, was labelled. Overtly, his eyes betrayed him by displaying his demising heart. As it was foretold by the sky, he picked up his philosophy to polish.

"Stay away from her." He ordered himself.

The encounter served them seconds of paradise. A familiar love was there, either the kind that was scribbled in The Maker's book or an ancient one meant to be reignited. History was brought to light when a torn soul had redeemed its other half. Imponderable.

The frame they were onto had phenomenal attributes parallel to complementing affection, interconnecting poles; those all were chosen to be ignored for best reasons.

Was that just it?

Featuring the song Creep
Cover by: Michelle Branch
Wattpad: TheMoonLei


Wednesday, 22 April 2020